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Castello Agency is proud to provide personal & commercial insurance solutions to the people of Zachary, LA. We can handle the full spectrum of your insurance needs for an affordable price.

Personal Lines

No matter what phase of life you and your family are in, Castello Agency offers a wide range of personal insurance lines. While we can never know what the years will bring, you can be assured that we have you covered at every step of your journey.

What lines of personal insurance does Castello Agency offer?

Home Insurance

Your house is one of the biggest and most important investments in your life. Protect your property and all the valuable items inside of it when the unexpected happens. Our agents will work closely with you to help you secure the right home insurance policy for your unique property.

Auto Insurance

You rely on your vehicle to get you to and from work, from point A to point B, and everywhere in between. Make sure you and your other passengers are always protected against the possibility of an accident! No matter your driving record, we’ll help you secure an automobile insurance policy to protect you and other passengers from bodily harm, property damage, expensive medical bills, and more.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is essential for Louisiana homeowners, regardless if you live in a flood zone or not. After all, heavy rain, storm surges, and hurricanes are all too common in Louisiana. A flood insurance policy will protect your home and all the contents inside it in the event of a flood.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance, otherwise known as personal liability insurance, can protect you and other members of your household when your homeowner or auto insurance policy does not provide enough coverage, especially in lawsuits. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or damage to personal belongings inflicted on others.

Watercraft Insurance

Whether you own a fishing boat, a yacht, a jet ski, or any other personal watercraft, a watercraft insurance policy provides coverage for theft, physical damage, and physical loss. Some watercraft insurance policies may also provide coverage for bodily injury to you or others.

Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle may be one of your favorite pleasures in life. Make sure you are always protected with a motorcycle insurance policy. Standard motorcycle insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and physical damage to your bike or other vehicles involved in an accident.

Mobile Homes Insurance

Do you own a mobile home? With a mobile home insurance policy, you can protect the physical structure of your dwelling, structural attachments (like garages), and all the contents inside it. A mobile home insurance policy can also cover the medical costs of those injured on your property.

Vacant Dwellings Insurance

Do you own property that is currently vacant? No matter the situation, a vacant dwellings insurance policy can protect you in situations where flooding, fires, trespassing, or burglary occur on your unoccupied property.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Are you currently constructing or renovating your home? Builder’s risk insurance can protect your property from loss or damage that may occur due to bad weather or the construction process. A builder’s risk insurance policy can also protect your construction materials, supplies, and equipment.

Classic Vehicles Insurance

Automobile enthusiasts and car collectors should have peace of mind when taking their valued cars out on the road. A classic vehicles insurance policy provides coverage for bodily injury, physical damage to your vehicle, as well as towing and roadside assistance.

Jewelry Insurance

Protect your most valued pieces of jewelry from theft, damage, or loss with a jewelry insurance policy. No matter how much your jewelry is worth, our agents will help you secure a policy that is right for you.

Commercial Lines

Whether it’s a small, large, or medium-sized business, a newly opened or long-established company, you can count on Castello Agency to handle all of your operation’s insurance needs under one roof. Running a business comes with risk, but also great reward. We’re here to provide the services you need to keep you protected.

What lines of commercial insurance does Castello Agency offer?

General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy is the backbone of your business. Protect your livelihood and secure coverage for bodily injury and property damage. If you rent commercial space, a general liability insurance policy can also protect you.

Excess Liability Insurance

Secure your peace of mind and give your business ample protection with excess liability insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage when a policyholder is facing a lawsuit and/or has exceeded their limit under a general liability policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

Otherwise known as errors & omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects your business against claims from customers. A professional liability insurance policy provides coverage against claims of negligence, personal injury, copyright, misrepresentation, data breaches, and more.

Property Insurance

Whether you own commercial property or lease space for your daily operations, having a property insurance policy is essential for business owners. Protect the roof over your livelihood and all the contents and products inside of it with a property insurance policy personalized for your unique needs.

Inland Marine Insurance

Do you transport your goods and products by train or automobiles? An inland marine insurance policy provides coverage for land transportation and protects the products, supplies, materials, and equipment you transport. Most inland marine insurance policies do not protect against natural disasters or damage to your business vehicles.

Flood Insurance

Make sure your business has ample protection from burst pipes, Louisiana’s rainy climate, or other flood-causing events. Not only will commercial flood insurance cover damage to your building and all the materials and products inside it. A commercial flood insurance policy will also provide coverage for other flood-related costs you incur to restore your property.

Business Auto Insurance

Do you operate your business out of a truck or automobile? Do you own multiple business vehicles? Our agents will work closely with you to personalize your business auto insurance policy with the right amount of coverage for your employees, drivers, and specific commercial needs.

Rental Properties Insurance

Are you a landlord who rents out space to small businesses? While your tenants should have their own insurance coverage, you must have ample coverage protecting your commercial property. Your Castello agent will help you secure a policy that meets the needs of your unique property.

Special Events Risk Insurance

Hosting and organizing a special event is an investment of hard work, time, and money. If you have an upcoming special event, let us make sure you have the coverage you need with a thorough and secure special events risk insurance policy.

Cyber Insurance

In this day and age, cyber and malware attacks can happen to any business. No matter how careful and cautious you are, always prepare for the unexpected with a cyber insurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When one of your employees gets hurt on the job, a workers’ compensation insurance policy will protect them – and you. This type of insurance ensures your employees receive compensation for medical bills, missed work, and wage replacement, protecting you from lawsuits and having to cover their expenses out-of-pocket.

Notary Public Services

In addition to protecting your home and property, Danette Castello provides notary public services to assist with matters related to deeds, estates, power of attorney, etc.

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